“A letter to the human resources department said, ‘You started a war so you’ll get what you started’. I’m only working here cos I neeeeeeed theeeeee fuck-ing mo-ney”

There’s no real context to the above, which is deliberate. I left personal examples out of this so as not to pick-on and harass those I know who I feel are prone to this way of thinking. Although I’m aware I’ve got the cabin fever for Japan and this is making me uptight I reckon what I have to say what I’m about to say simply because the kind of thinking I’m about to discuss is so bloody prevalant wherever I go and in whoever I speak I with. Maybe it’s a British thing?

Or maybe the country is just full of fags?

See, I can’t bloody stand the mood behind cautious, reserved conservatism of people who almost seem to enjoy being picked on, cajolled and force-fed bullshit – all to the tune of, “rise above it,” or “don’t let it get to you.”

From one side people get pushed by ignorant everyday asshattery and rather than rililng against that they accept being pushed by the other point of view – my side – that says you’re a tard for accepting anything you don’t like.

All the while those people drone out the line, the one line that gets my goat like no other. They moo it like some kind of mantra, like a cult of pedestrian low-lifes. Throw any mud you like at anyone and you’ll get the response of the self-disabled, self-disenfranchised, limp wet-handshake of a nobody:

“I just want a quiet life.”

It wouldn’t infuriate me so much if it wasn’t a laudible goal. I mean It’s nice to think that you can get by simply by doing your own thing, living your own way and ignoring those outside of your own circle of friends/family/belongings you’ve created for youself. It’s lovely to believe that if you do only what you want that you won’t hurt anyone and that no one will hurt you. It’s darling to condition yourself to believe lashing out at those who lash out at you means you’ve become some kind of monster.

It’s pure fantasy. The naivety of people – normal, well-meaning people – put themselves through. When I quote the line above I quote people I respect at my work. I quote friends who have stuck by me for a long time. I’m quoting family who I still have respect for (a rarity now!)

And to think some people think they can survive in the bombshelter of a ‘quiet life’ whilst assholes all around them drop nuclear bombs of opinion – like I’m doing just now – and they tolerate it.

If you want a “quiet life” I think the autistic example you set feeds a culture of morons to degrade you whilst the other percentage of the populace – like me – hate you for your selfish cowardice. Even the people who share your mindset don’t want to help you.

Is it the Bible that teaches you this tolerance? Is this where you gain your code of ethics to the point of accepting martyrdom, can you say you fully believe in everything else it’s said? Are you 100% of anything? Is anyone? Do 100% of people believe in what you believe in?

Of course not: to lead a quiet life is to ask that everyone think that very self(ish)-same way. All it takes is one person who disagrees with you to ruin your system of living and, if they have the inclination and power to do so, crush your “quiet life”. The ruthless are successful on the back of tolerance, because they’re allowed to be successful, however immoral. Take note of our banking fatcats as an extreme example though I’m sure if you look around you in your daily life you’ll see friends and family who have settled into noisome habits only because you tolerated them.

What I’m trying to achieve is simply a form of expression for myself and others who feel the same way. This is just something I can point to for the next time someone accepts what I see as utterly unbearable with the, “I want a quiet life,” mentality, something maybe you can show others on how it makes others like myself feel.