Lately I’ve been thinking about what makes a song scary or frightening. I listen to some quite intense music and thought about what it would take to make a band that focusses on playing scary music.

So I put the question to you – what are the tunes that scare, haunt, frigthen and chill you the most? I don’t mean fun Halloween music like the ‘Monster Mash’ but songs that when you first heard them, got to you a little – made you stop and think.

Here’s a list of mine even though some of the tracks might be a little obscure. If you don’t knowem lookem up!

Please share yours!

– Cardiacs ‘Burn Your House Brown’. (the intro)
– Your Code Name Is: Milo ‘Rapt Dept.’ (the whole song)
– Almost any Mr Bungle/Phantomas/Anything with Mike Patton’s strange vocal techniques
– Almost any Dillinger Escape Plan for the intensity. Standouts for sheer ‘make you run away intensity’ include ‘Mullet Burden’ and ‘Van Damsel’
– Dillinger Escape Plan with Mike Patton ‘Pig Latin’ and ‘When Good Dogs Do Bad Things’ are intense as the lyrics are haunting.
– Godspeed You Black Emperor! ‘East Hastings’ (sounds like the end of the world)
– Deftones ‘Mascara’ (lyrics mostly) ‘When Girls Telephone Boys’ (lyrics mostly)
– The Appleseed Cast ‘Blind Man’s Arrow’ (the guitars at 1.50 make me think of someone running away from something)
– Coheed and Cambria ‘Junesong Provision’ (3.30 or so in when the song builds up), ‘Three Evils (Embodied in Love and Shadow)’ (just the scream right at the end – gives me shivers)
– Alexisonfire ‘Sharks and Danger’ (whole song)
– Candiria ‘Contents Under Pressure’ (echoing guitar with singer’s scream over the top of it towards the end of the track)
– Meshuggah ‘Closed Eye Visual’ (the slow ponderous guitar with the jazz solo in the background after about 5.30 is spooky) ‘Shed’ (the opening scream)
– Sage Francis’ album ‘Personal Journals’ is all intense lyrically but the scariest build up is on ‘Eviction Notice’
– Eminem ‘Stan’ (lyrics and Dido’s echoing voice added to the mix)
– The Rolling Stones ‘Gimme Shelter’ (the female backing singer’s “It’s just a kiss/shot away” refrain are quite eerie)
– The Verve ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ (the utter hopelessness of the lyrics and the voilins: get them out of my head!)
– Phil Collins ‘In The Air Tonight’ (Dairy Milk cheapened this slightly by putting an ape on a drumset to it but the pained lyrics and almost primal drums make it memorable)
– Slayer ‘Angel of Death’ (opening scream is pretty intense) ‘Raining Blood’ (the big atmospheric build-up)
– Converge ‘Color Me Blood Red’ (opening riff)
– Glassjaw ‘El Mark’ (desperation of the lyrics combined with the twin guitar work)

If a song is scary or intense to you just post it – you don’t need to give reasons. I just want to know what makes a scary song. Please share yours!