I’m just gonna quote a few things that stick out in my mind I remember people had told me for whatever reason – they’ve generally been quite important quotes to me I’ve chosen to never forget. I’m gonna post them up here so I can remember them. I wish I had pictures of some of these to explain them better – like the way I see them play out in my mind.

“You were always ahead of your time.” – An acquaintance I had back in high school and had re-met after not seeing them for quite some time. I’m sorry I’ve forgotten who they were but they were really cool that last time I met them.

“Hoi y-you (what’s his name?)… oi, Sadam!” – Woman at Diamond Recruitment Consultancy where I temped for 2 weeks.

“You would make a great teacher” – Gary Plenderleith when we were teenagers after explaining something to him for his science class.

“As long as you keep talking to your family and friends I think you will be OK.” – My Doctor when signing me off for 2 weeks for anxiety.

“Well done Shaheen, really well done! All that effort paid off.” – My Mum after my standard grades.

“Well, you haven’t changed fast enough.” – Sharif in one of his bouts of shouting at me

“Christ, well some of us haven’t changed.” – Alasdair Sadler when I had just come back from summer holidays to enter 3rd year at High School.

“I’m really glad to have you as part of the team.” – Derrick Ross, suprisingly considering some of the venomous things he said in my leaving speech recently.

“You’re a nice guy, don’t go changing.” – I think this was Maggie.

“Shazz is like, the God of Gigs.” – Andy S – he was drunk at the time but it’s a compliment I really appreciated.

“Shabeen’s a fannypad.” – A bunch of kids in High School. I remember Steven Summers walking away with them claiming that he’d came up with the witty play on my name to them afterwards when I’d always considered him a friend beforehand.

“I love you for who you are.” – Helena. Who else? :)

“Oh – Shane! Whereabouts in Ireland are you from?” – An instructor for a First Aid course I did in 6th year.

“Most of the girls and boys who have spent two years at the academy couldn’t write something like this.” – My Gran after I wrote a poem in primary 7 and she’d enjoyed reading it.

“I’m sorry Shazz but I don’t know what to say… I mean…I just can’t say it yet. I wouldn’t mean it.” – Maggie in the early stages of our relationship on love.

“You’re parents sound cool. I’d like to meet them some time.” – Chris Higgins whilst chatting about our background and families

“He smells of curry.” – Graeme Pollock in 5th year, whispering conspirationally to another person in my year, which I managed to overhear.

“Your house was always really cool. It was just really homely and relaxing. Your Dad would always just be sitting chilling with a bottle of Vodka or you’d be watching TV. He was really cool.” – Paul Latta on one of our nights out before he moved in with me.

“Oh what’s the point in having kids, you’s all just fight and don’t appreciate anything anyway!” – My Mum after me, my Dad and Sharif had a big row.

“You bastard, you won’t make it in this life. You won’t make it.” – My Dad after the last argument me and him had – which was over what to do about a guy who just wandered into the Lockerbie shop and hit our delivery driver at the time.