The Good Book

Including such gems:
– “If you treat them like a dumb shit, they’ll treat you like an equal.”
– “A note about the word “he” as an all purpose pronoun: we use it because constantly saying “he or she,” “s/he,” or “it,” sounds STUPID. However, notice also that while JHVH-1, God, Jesus, and a few others are called “He” with a capital H, “Bob” is merely a “he.” These spellings are in accordance with the express wishes of the respective deities. “Bob” de-deifies himself whenever possible to counterbalance the tendency of his followers to go overboard.”
– ” “I don’t practice what I preach because I’m not the kind of person I’m preaching to.” – “Bob” in ‘Newsweek'”
– “Sensationalism is just the lure we use in order to communicate in all sobriety certain awful histories and secret fate for the Earth so unspeak-able that it may take several books to prepare you just to read it.”
– “You see what you want to see. So you have to pay to know what you think. You pay Them.”