So after trundling down the hill of my apartment today I breaked and suddenly found myself head over heals attempting long-forgotten judo landings on the concrete trying not to break my neck. As the air left my body, a solitary student-type peered around looking to see if I needed help.

After inspecting my ripped jacket, destroyed headphones and ushering the bystander on his way I murmured under my breathe, “I’ve had enough.”

Further inspection revealed my front tyre now also has a bend in it so that it doesn’t go straight. As it spun around all wonky-like the truth came to me like an action movie trailer’s deep-voiced voice-over, “this Summer. The Captain. … gets serious.”

10 minutes of gestures with the guy who wasn’t the mechanic at the shop without feeling like the usual inadequate twat (it’s true, rage does get you through) and the problem is theirs. They’ll call me when they’ve ordered in my new tyres and given me a New Hope(tm).

Morale of the story: Don’t be fat

Well kinda. You see, although I am a fatty boom booms, I’ve seen chubbier ranks than I behind the wheels.  I also thought that it could be that I ride like a pure crazy on it but again I’m not the only one here. Maybe it’s the Japanese cruddy pot-holed roads and pavements? Nah… too convenient. Mayhaps tis a  combination of my fat, crazy broken road shenanigary? Per-haps

So, I attacked the internet in an attempt to find out what the real cause behind my failing bike tyres were.

Survey says cheap rims. New bikes from a bike shop often have cheap rims on them and as a result they buckle slightly –  but not noticably so – until you get repeated spoke breakage. Like I’ve had for the past 2 bloody months! I’ve spent about 10,000yen on broken spokes and flat tyres!

Anyways, So that’s that. Hopefully these next wheels won’t go too. In the mean time, it’s walking 1 hour and 10-20 minutes to work and back everyday, waiting on that fateful phonecall from the bikeshop to say they’ve repaired bike number 4.

Gambatte ne!