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This album is NIGH like your MOTHER!


There’s a really clever, enterprising young spider on my window outside my flat. Not only was it smart enough to set up in a place where there’s light to attract moths into the web but it also set up in a convenient hidey-hole at the corner of my door. She’s a speedy mama and she’s really clever about my arrival – it’ll chill out enough to be entertaning to me in the open whilst I’m watching it but as soon as I either blow on it or shut my front door she’s off like roadrunner, meep-meep noise and everything. Beautiful young thing. I hope bugs litter her web for as long I stay here in this apartment. Her savvy’s earned it. She’s earned the envy of all those douche-bag old-money type spiders with their big families and half-eaten husbands. I hope she prospers.


I got paid today! To the foreign money transfer service mobile!  CHRISTMAS FLIGHT SAVINGS! MAGIC CARDS! NEW CLOTHES! YOU CAN HAVE ALL THIS AND MORE! Just dial 0800-RECESSION-DODGE.


Never interrupt a frenemy when they are about to make a mistake. Smile and laugh about it together over drinks later.

Fed up of my new word yet? I’m not.


Let’s play crack the sky. Fix it a little, the sky of course, then jump-rope the sun as it recontracts for a few more millenia. For me this place is the land of the setting sun. And it’s pink.


I got a lot of birthday attention on Facebook, even from people who don’t pipe up too often. 37 folks commented on my wall. Well, 36 – Louise Elizabeth Mixter, you don’t count.

After yesterday’s lack of sleep and restlessness – to the point where I talked to myself so much the guy next door banged on my wall to shut me up – I needed the pick-me-up. When I saw other people’s birthday messages on Facebook I used to think it was cheapened to wish someone well with a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ over the internet rather than a dedicated message or personal greeting but after the sheer number of well-wishers I realised that it really is just the thought that counts. Of course, to those who did put in the effort to send me a wee piece of love – it means a lot to me.

It means a lot to me like the goodbye letter I got from a student in my old school where I worked as an ALT; like the print-shop pictures and photos I have to remember my friends abroad; like all my postcards that act as a wallpaper in this bland room of a home. Like new music.

You woke me out of my 6-day week, 2 hour walk-and-back commute stupor I’ve been in. Thanks guys – I needed that.


“Your birthday brings fond memories filled with warmth and joy – Happy thoughts of smiles you brought swhen you were just a boy – and thoough the years have changed some things, when all is said and done. You stil bring smiles and happiness – you’re still a special son! Happy Birthday, have a lovely day, lots of love, Mum, xxx”

Thanks Mum 🙂


“My personality colour is purple I am very spontaneous; I have a quick and original mind that knows no boundaries. I am comparatively conservative and appreciate beautiful surroundings, especially in nature. I am relaxed and self-assured. I work well with others. I am a unique individual, and have unusual tastes but I’m quite comfortable among more conservative peers.”

Thanks ‘What Color Is Your Personality Quiz’!

I received an email from stating that they would be publishing my haiku ‘Dear Diary’ in their September edition of their online e-zine.

Thanks to Roddy and Adam for passing on these links

And the original:

I like the mix live and studio combined in this. At least I think that’s what it is – they’re keeping us guessing as usual.  Nonetheless… it’s coming.

When the medicine you fancied has all run out…

When you hear it you will…


You can find all of my gig reviews on my new music blog, Eunuch in a Harem, here:

You are a naked nightbulb;

men like moths knock desperately against you

but I would love you in the dark.

* * * *

This is pretty damn hot too 🙂 Also published at


there is a god,

what else is left

to believe in?

* * * *

It made me think not only because of the question itself but also about the people who do or do not believe in God and why they might. Found this in 4 and 20 which can be found on my links.

With shakier camera angles than Blair Witch, without further ado…

Pictures of Helena’s visit and a trip to Nishizawa waterfall are now uploaded. They can be found in the Japan Pictures section above.

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