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Not the full performance but still so good live. Thanks Mr Dolan for saying what the rest of us wanted to:

Nothing else needs said

Except perhaps this:

Old but good:

Bunnies in 30 Seconds

Big Bunny

It’s pretty awesome.

Thanks to Laura for this.

Groovy little game. Looks good!


Game-related podcasts coming soon! It’s gonna be a corker. Now on the links page.

Stolen completely from Tabitha Dial’s page (found on the links):

self-actualization: noun
(breaking away from a brief definition, I’m lifting straight off page 39 of Schaeffer’s book)
“Listed here are the characteristics of people who are near self-actualization.

1. They accept reality.
2. They accept themselves, other people, and the world for what they are.
3. They are spontaneous.
4. They are problem-centered rather than self-centered.
5. They have an air of detachment and a need for privacy.
6. They are autonomous and independent.
7. Their appreciation of people and things is fresh rather than stereotyped.
8. Most have had profound mystical or spiritual experiences, although those experiences are not necessarily religious in character.
9. They identify with humankind.
10. Their intimate relationships with a few specially loved people tend to be profound and deeply emotional rather than superficial.
11. Their values and attitudes are democratic.
12. They do not confuse means with ends.
13. Their sense of humor is philosophical rather than hostile.
14. They resist conformity to the culture.
15. They transcend the environment rather than just cope with it.”

So the verdicts out on the rest of the album but this one’s a FRIGGIN BANGER!

Captain’s Edit: Thinking back, I wonder how many times he was shat on in this vid. I wonder if it beats my record of 3 times in one day when I was in Venice.

I swear if the Icelandic giants do not unite and form a compilation of some sort within the year there will be violence! Bjork and Jonsi transform! *transformers noise* Do it roight now! ROIGHT NOW!

Major thanks to Gary de la Martin for keeping me informed from the motherland.

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