One of my kids told me yesterday that he hates China. One part of me wanted to tell him why not whilst the other just felt bad because I couldn’t.

Backstory the first: Our kids get a coin for going to class and once they get 5 coins they can trade them for a sticker or ten for an eraser shaped like a ball, a teddy bear, a motorbike or something cute like that. Said kid had 5 coins and wanted a sticker. After trading for a sticker he had a look in the sticker box and took Chinese flag shaped in a love heart – we have many stickers representing different countries as befits our promotion of international cultural exchange. I asked him if he liked China and he explained to me why he didn’t.

Backstory the second:

I wanted to show the kid something like this video but in Japanese and with Japanese examples rather than the American ones Carlin applies:

The saddest thing of all was that someone told him to hate China now and only now because of recent events, someone he respects and looks up to.

I guess though he’s partially right. I mean, if he said, “I hate America!” I’d have high-fived the scamp! After all no one likes a bully. Now with the increasing shift of power our attitudes are shifting to antipathy towards China. I guess he doesn’t like them for the same reason I don’t like the American government and I can understand that. I just wonder if he does…

That and it doesn’t help to see focused hatred in one so young – the kid’s 9 years old.