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Spreading the word of a collation of experiences into a book on the Sendai quake.

#Quakebook Right after the earthquake of March 11th, one man, simply called @OurManInAbiko on Twitter, put out a fledgling idea to the Twitterverse.  His dream was to put together a book of people’s experiences surrounding the quake, and publish it, with the proceeds of every sale going to relief efforts in Northern Japan.  The universe replied to … Read More

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And some examples of what you can create with the site, in these cases, with Disney:

Good list of sites, of which you can find the ones I like on my links page.

First off, for those who don’t roleplay, there’s a fantastic wee introduction from Greg Schuster aka Shinobi Cow about how to get started roleplaying and getting to grips with it online here.

James Grimes writes an inspiring article on overcoming personal difficulties in getting into Roleplaying as a beginner in his article “What Can We Learn From Roleplaying?”

Rich Stokes writes about The Roles We Play While Roleplaying as well as different aspects of enjoyment different players get.

And Creighton Broadhurst urges beginning Dungeon Masters to know their players.

It astonishes me how the Japanese can belittle something as devastating as the Chernobyl disaster in the space of just over 3 minutes. But I love it anyways!

Thanks for this find Dimitris!

Sincerely hope my boss reads this and then passes this onto all the other Japanese companies in the areas. “Two way flow of information” would be underlined in red pen.

10 Ways to Avoid Death by Meeting by Lauren Owen, MBA Principal, Redpoint Succession and Leadership Coaching In our work as coaches to family and closely-held businesses, we’re always surprised at how few leaders use productive, regularly held staff meetings in their companies. We believe that they are missing a big opportunity to help them achieve bigger goals, resolve and even prevent unhealthy conflict, and promote good teamwork. Here are some of the more common reasons (excus … Read More

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What appears to be an pretty accurate account of the Fukushima reactor dangers by an expert who has pieced together information from the news and his own expertise.

**Update** Thanks for your interest. 200 000 hits and counting, number 2 on Twitter as of 8pm EST. Follow Josef on Twitter:!/josefoehmen Short link to this page: There exists a copy of this post on Barry Brooks excellent blog, where you can still use the discussion function: This article refers mainly to the events of the Daiichi-1 react … Read More

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Is it graffiti at all?

Reverse Graffiti For as long as there have been dirty vehicles, people have writing "clean me" on them, but visual artist Alexandre Orion has taken this concept to a new level with his much more creative (and time consuming!) take on 'reverse graffiti'.  It's like traditional graffiti, but with an eco twist. Detergents, wire brushes and good ol' fashion elbow grease replace the spray cans and stencils that we're used to seeing from graffiti artists, cleaning away … Read More

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A first hand account from Tokyo

We're Being Shaken and Stirred in Japan First- thanks to all of you for checking in to see how the Clampitts are faring in the face of this Earthquake. I'm certainly not CNN, however, here's the situation from Shibuya-ku. Spouse is in Osaka- he's usually gone for major snowstorms, earthquakes, pet emergencies, etc. The kids experienced this first earthquake at school and are currently en route home- a journey that has been underway for the last 4.5 hours as the highways are currently j … Read More

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