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With random remix found on youtube:

And the original version here on vimeo

The Amen Beat:

Proof that pop eats itself and that capitalism through copywriting and owning ideas through business or whatever means is inclined towards distopia than utopia

The title got me too.

"It's the most sex I've had this year". Apparently, making mildly comedic smalltalk isn't the done thing when a stranger has your testicle clamped in a vice-like grip. It seemed to make him nervous. By 'him' I mean my cancer surgeon. Yup. I got cancer, yo. Strange to use the word really. Not only because as a 32 year old, non-smoking, teetotal Decathlete, it's not the done thing, but because having met 4 ultrasound administrators, 3 surgeons and … Read More

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You can find all of my gig reviews on my new music blog, Eunuch in a Harem, here:

Your face when you first saw this advert?


Heard this old ditty from a Debenhams advert and was reminded of its smile factor.

Thanks Catriona!

Steal some guy’s wallet…

So in this review I complained (in the nicest way possible) about how I wouldn’t be able to see the exact performance again and would have to cling to their CDs in the hope of good memories of the gig. Boy was I wrong!

Here is that gig in its entirety!

Thanks Dimitris!

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