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Also known as “The First Steps of How The Broad Freedom of the Internet Will Ultimately Be Controlled”



With a publishing focus on this one:

Do you have any good blogs or sites of a similar bent to add to this?

“In the time of revolution, and believe me this is a revolution – easily on a par with the renaissance, or the Enlightenment – the translator has a very important role to play. The communicator, the person who makes the facts palatable to all sides, is the only conduit through which real change can be made. ”

“The you-show-me-yours-I’m-already-showing-you-mine deal is the next big movement. Nevermind government league tables: we want everything. ”

Get a hot drink and sit down to take your medicine – this one is full of goodness:

And some information on both Ben Hammersley and the IAAC

I couldn’t reblog to the original post here:

Long read but a necessary insight into the methods and attitudes of post 9/11 America. I was pretty shocked and awed myself after the read.



You can find all of my gig reviews on my new music blog, Eunuch in a Harem, here:

What’s on your list?

I have enjoyed watching movies my whole life, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I had fallen in love with them. As a casual fan for so many years, I missed out on a lot of great movies. I have done an admirable job catching up on many of them over the last couple years, but I am still lacking in many areas. My biggest weakness is in the area of classics, particularly foreign classics. Outside of a handful of Kurosawa films, I haven't seen … Read More

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For those of you who remember my Bebo profile when I talked about how “Glasgow Tests You” and random events would occur where you were given a morale choice, this may be the London equivalent.

Attack of the killer bees and backhanded compliments - My week condensed 1) At the dawning of a new week I was faced with a conundrum, clear signs that this week was about to test my resolve and my whole ethics system.   Sleepy eyed I moved to board the train as it pulled into Camden Road station and I spied a wasp on the back of a man's jumper.  Should I: Tap on his shoulder and tell him he has a wasp on his back Backtrack and board a different carriage Ignore it, wasps are harmless I went with option 2.   You can't … Read More

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