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Why Tax Evasion Matters So Much

It weakens our politicians to make decisions, weakens our services and weakens us in general.

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At the end of October I posted a second complaints letter to Irvine’s Coaches and said that I would post results. Well, first up here’s the letter:

Dear [Name Removed], Irvine’s Coaches General Manager,

To date this is now my second letter I have written to you. As such you will notice I have sent this letter by recorded delivery to ensure an adequate response from your company. Furthermore, as my first letter dated 26th September was not received and responded to, I have also sent a copy of this letter by recorded delivery for the attention of the Bus Passenger’s Platform to ensure prompt action.

My original letter outlined details of inadequate service and an attitude from a driver whom I feel does not represent the best interest of Irvine’s Coaches or SPT Travel as a whole. It outlined how the driver of your [bus service I regularly use] smoked on the bus and showed an inappropriate attitude to me and maintained this attitude ever since I started to use your service on the 6th of September.

I presume that the first letter of complaint was not received so, for your reference, I will outline the situation.

Generally there are two drivers on that particular service – a younger driver who has shown diligence and dedication in his work, and another middle-aged driver whom I have felt nothing but disrespect from. It was this second driver whom I complained about originally and would like to discuss now.

On most weekdays, this driver generally parks around the bus bay at Hamilton Bus Station before driving the [bus] to pick passengers up and begin the journey. I have noticed he often smokes on the bus when there are no passengers while waiting – I have no issue with this although I imagine that this goes against your no smoking policy on the bus.

However, quite often he does not have time to have his early morning cigarette before heading around [at the time the bus is due] and instead smokes it on the bus instead, lighting up after I sit down. Today, 27th October, I opened a window and moved seat because he started smoking again.

Although, as a passenger, I should not have to put up with illegal activity on the bus – particularly not from a member of staff – I tolerated this for a few weeks until one occasion where I gave him my fare and he did not have adequate change to give me. He offered to give me back the five pence he owed when he obtained change from other passengers, which I accepted. I did not receive this five pence any time soon afterwards and had accepted the loss as a small price to pay for trusting one of your drivers.

A week or so later he told me once that he did not have change again. I then informed him that he already owed me change from before. Knowing what I was referring to, he proceeded to slap a ten pence piece in my hand with a sarcastic, “There you go!”

The amount of change in return was minimal to me, as it would be for anyone who can afford two pound bus return fares every day, but the cost of the lack of respect shown was very high and one I have told those of my direct colleagues and my wider social network about. It was at this point that I decided that enough was enough and sent the letter, which, for whatever reason, you have failed to act on.

To resolve these issues with your service, at the very least I would expect to see this driver investigated and disciplined for breaking your No-Smoking policies and for his bad attitude to the people he should be serving. However, because of how insulting he was and your lack of due diligence in getting back to me after a month of waiting, I am now considering collating evidence to ensure police action is taken against him for smoking in a public place.

Regardless of how you plan to proceed, I am now uncomfortable dealing with this driver and as a customer I never want to have to be greeted by him on the [service] and would appreciate his removal from [it].

I would appreciate a prompt response regarding what Irvine’s Coaches plan to do to address both the illegal smoking issue and the lack of customer service shown by this particular driver. Should I not receive an adequate response to my request I would be forced to take this issue out of your hands and into those of a higher authority.

As mail seems to be an issue here, I am available on email at []. I look forward to hearing from you by November 3rd as a week of sitting down to a smoky bus and an ignorant driver is about as much as I will tolerate.

Yours sincerely,

[The Captain]
* * *

Since that time I’ve had no correspondence despite sending a further email to the Bus Passenger’s Platform – the complaints body you’re supposed to contact if the bus service provider’s initial response isn’t satisfactory – who have also not bothered to get in touch with me either. I haven’t sent further correspondence to Irvine’s directly since they don’t seem to offer email on their site and, as a call-centre worker, I refuse to discuss matters like this over the telephone where I don’t have a paper trail of what’s been done to refer to.

I’m now taking suggestions as how to proceed further. Options from the top of my head include telling local councilors, press or police action. Any other options are appreciated.


“Dave Hartnett, the most wined-and-dined civil servant in Whitehall, has struck deals with multinational corporations which have cost Britain billions in lost tax. He must resign now.”

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“Yes Mr Muscles…”

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