Here’s the basic premise; to post in this thread you must invent a game!

The rules:
You have 100 six-sided dice in total. They come in 10 different colours – so that’s ten dice in ten different colours for a total of one hundred dice.

To post in this thread, you must make a game that uses all of these dice. Not 1 of them, not 99 of them, but ALL THE DAMN DICE!

You can add extra items of equipment if you need them for your game – for example, tumblers to roll the dice in or pieces of paper and pens but you cannot use less than the 100 dice stated above.

Kudos if you can ensure your rules description is 100 words or less – let’s get rolling!


Big thanks go out to Bez who came up with the original idea for creating lots of games from lots of dice and also major kudos to Andy P for having the original massive bag of dice which inspired us both to want to throw them everywhere!