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For those of you who like Youtube Poops, here’s a sample of his work:

Check out his channel – lots more goodness where that came from


Continuing with our metal theme, we combine the two greatest sources of lulz on The Intarwebz:


Bonus content: Let’s see some of that warming up put into practice now…

When in Japan, do as the Japanese do:

Remember, most Japanese eat at sushi bars every day, so it’s important to learn the rules.

It’s Nyan Cat slowed down 8 times (yes, seriously I did just recommend this to Shoegaze fans):

And here’s a bonus remix:


“Uh oh! L’il Cthulhu is hungry after his long nap. What does he do? He eats his followers! They love Cthulhu and want to be eaten. Their souls make his tummy happy!”



You can find all of my gig reviews on my new music blog, Eunuch in a Harem, here:

I will never be creative again:

Apologies for the bad camera work, as the lighting makes the armour appear shinier than it is and the rest of the model dulled or too close-up. Enough excuses, I bring you ‘The Forgotten Phoenices’, my team themed around forgotten film and TV stars:

Yellow plumes indicate throwers, blue are linemen, purple are catchers and green are blitzers. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message below.

EDIT: I just put some more finishing touches to the models including drybrushing the armour a silver mixed with a little white which makes them look less dark and re-did some of the plumes on the helms so that the highlights are more distinct. Also added white pitch lines to some of the turf bases. Next step varnish, gloss and all that jazz.

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