These are snippets from a conversation I was having. I think it’s worth recording and sharing. It’s mostly unedited:

“…but its crept in and suddenly we have it full on. i went away to japan and came back and realised that no one can be corrected anymore … i see it on the roads when people are on their phones, undertaking or generally just putting everyone else at risk. i see it on the street when people get in my way and you cant talk to them or excuse yourself. You can’t thank customer service reps for going the extra mile without them saying “theeeeeeeenks byeeeeeee” like they want rid of you. i see it on the internet where if you post something in all seriousness its wrong if you want to continue to discuss something in a serious tone – everything has to be fun. its every where … so many examples… i dont even ask people to move in the street any more; i put my hand/body in their space until they jump out my way. i tapped a guys face today as i put my hand to his face slowly before he moved – he refused to move so my hand went in his face. people then think youre the strange one for touching them when youve spent 3 attempts trying to walk past them in the street because they were on their phone and couldnt look up every 5-10 secs or so to watch for people walking in their way. people dont understand words any more or tone or overuse their tone. i feel more and more i need to use physical means which should only ever be a last resort. i:ve physically pushed so many people just walking down glasgow mostly chuggers who get in my way and don’t understand “no thanks” but other people you say excuse me twice to don’t it either. i still hold doors open for people. im not sure why.”