So a while back I talked about putting this bad boy together, so now here it is! The linerats are night runners with micro arts studios straw hat heads on them; the stormvermin and thrower have ashigara heads from micro arts studios with bodies from the divine wind teams midfielders; the gutters are from the Green Dog range, 3 of which were regular gutters and 1 of which was one of their linemen with a puttied on mask; and finally the rat ogre is from goblin forge with a green stuff straw hat and fu manchu beard.

You’ll notice some of the models have different mutations – these are not different models, I’ve used magnets for hand swaps and extra mutations. To complete the team I will make 2 more linerats with ashigara heads this time, 1 more thrower with the possibility for an extra arm mutation and a big hand swap potential on the gutter with 2 head potential.

Massive thanks to all who contributed with ideas for minis in the previous thread where I originally put the idea forward. Without further ado, here they are!:

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