My mate Jim has a habit of nailing stuff succinctly and thus he’s probably the most quotable person I know peronsally. Here’s a post from a Facebook conversation as frankly, it needs to be recorded:

“People need to realise that any problem in their life can only be overcome by their own actions as effort. Passing the blame for a problem off to someone or something else is juvenile and pathetic and shows a lack of confidence and a laziness of character in the complainer. Can’t get a girlfriend? It’s your fault. Change the way you treat girls. Can’t get a job? Look elsewhere or get training/education. Don’t get approached in a group of people? Approach the group of people yourself. It doesn’t matter what the issue is. Whining about how other people should be fixing it for you is morally redundant, amazingly self-centred and fantastically childish. Folk need to take responsibility for their own situations and actions and identify and overcome their fears. Anything else leads to an empty and mundane life, full of excuses and regrets.”