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Amazing article that completely blew my mind:

I can’t wait to use Blekko and Wolfram Alpha in context now.


“But destroy bigoted strangers, why not?”

“Catnip improves hunting”

For kicks count the number of words they use that include the word ‘cat’: “Catatonia”… “Catastrophic”…

“Who is your Daddy and what does he do?”

Some of the reactions for to this are priceless:

If I had to sum-up the last year, I’d say it was a year of conflict: conflicted emotions, change and conflict with other people – mostly long-distance.

I started the year pretty much as it went on – by ending my work with John Lewis at the start of the year. I then started my work as a Business English TEFL company in Italy, which last about 2 months after I could no longer accept their breach of terms and conditions and unwillingness to discuss the matter. Work life continued in June though as I managed to jump straight into a  summer camp job which lasted all of 4 days(!) as I attempted to jump ship again to another job closer to home. When that fell through, I ended up spending more time and energy fighting their decision, which was ultimately fruitless. All of this was punctuated by discussions (more like arguments) with potential and past employers.

After another month or two of unemployment, I ended up where I started in 2006, and in October I started with my old pre-Japan company. Thankfully, since then, the seas of my work-life have only been slightly choppy compared to the full blown storm of work/non-work I had throughout the rest of the year.

It was when I was in Italy that conflict raised its ugly head again where groups of gamers I had managed to build bridges had decided to take the opportunity to start slating one another (well, mostly one group attacking the other) and consequently, me personally. There’s still bitterness there from those incidents but I’ve learned to simply remember, learn and strive not to let negativity overcome the good work I’ve tried to do in trying to bring the Scottish gaming community together or in some cases, out of the shadows entirely and into the gaming community at all.

When I look back in hindsight, 2012 was always going to be tumultuous; I went into it with no job – still trying to pick up the pieces of my decision to return home to Japan to be with the people I love, who were having their own difficulties at the time I returned in 2011. I went into the last year with a desire to shake things up in gaming in a big way and to generally get my life on track.

This year, my desires are no different, but the timeline is. After meeting lots of new people, I feel that the time for the  inevitable conflict after getting used to one another should be over and the time for getting to know people as more than Facebook acquaintances is here. I feel like for the first time since Japan, that it’s time to start growing again: working on my career rather than just struggling for a job and pushing my gaming projects like Lanarkshire Gamers to succeed rather than just hoping that they will stay afloat.

In 2013, I am hoping for some of the prosperity that has been lacking ever since that Tsunami signalled one of single most chaotic period of my life. Fingers crossed, eh!

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