Howdy folks,

You may have noticed that there’s been a bit of a delay in my usual posts. I’m currently in the process of breaking Recession Dodge To Victory into 3 separate blogs.

For music content, I’ll soon taking the reviews off this site and songs of the day to, the currently very sparse looking, Eunuch In A Harem Blog here:

The perceptive amongst you will notice that I’ve taken my poems off this site and am now stashing them here at Taking Off To Land: I’ll be posting new poems up there as and when I put the ideas in my notebook into cohesive stanzas!

But what will happen to this blog? Well, as ever, I plan to use it as a repository for  pictures I like, funny videos and generally stuff I don’t want to forget. Once I am finished sorting all the blogs I’ll put another post up asking you to spread them to interested parties.

Thanks for the continued interest,

– The Captain