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If you have any more of these or know their true name please them below!

I will never be creative again:

“I am feeling fat. And Sassy.”


“They drew me too many arm- Like I said, anything can happening in the amazing world of animation.”

Extended foreign life in Japan: A lot of walking around and sitting at home drinking.

So much I want to say and agree with from this quick snippet from my reasons why I gave up on alcohol to my ridiculous thigh muscles. I’m off to make my first comic purchase. Ever. More chat on this later once I’ve read it.

And maybe Persepolis too.

EDIT: Found this video. If anyone knows the music from it I’d appreciate knowing who the artist is.

Found here:



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Are you a wizard? No the secret is magnets.

With random remix found on youtube:

And the original version here on vimeo

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